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Dr. Nancy Schmidt, Inspired Educator
Helping you prepare for a future full of good things

Hi -- I am Nancy

I am so happy to see you here. Being a Mom that wears many hats is no easy task. There are so many of us that work, homeschool, volunteer, single parent, run errands, keep the house organized, and so much more -- all while trying to be the best parent we can be! I definitely know what it feels like to juggle all the things.

Life can be messy and it is very rarely perfect, but it is also full of endless possibilities and so much good stuff. Over the years, as our children have grown into teens and young adults, there have been both beautiful moments and moments that have challenged me in ways I never knew possible.


Through the years, I have created regular practices that have allowed me to navigate my life as a parent with intention, compassion, and a bit more ease. I am not perfect at it but I am content with the path I am on, and to me, that is perfection.

After over 20 years of teaching communication and life skills to thousands of students, I am excited to now help teens and their parents prepare for a future full of inspired possibility.

I invite you to explore my courses, blog posts, and free videos -- and follow along on social media -- let's get sidetracked together on this journey called life.



Trees Reflection in the Water

Credentials & Other Good Things

I received my Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Psychology, Communication, and Education and have been teaching a variety of communication courses and life skills workshops at colleges and universities for over 20 years. I am also nationally certified in Yoga, EFT, Meditation, and as a Life Coach.


I wrote a children's book, The Little Spark That Grew, about how one act of kindness can create a spark that grows and grows in our hearts and inspires others to spread kindness too.


Currently, I am working on a chapter in a book called, Living Outside the Box, to be released in December and am currently writing about our family's adventures in the U.S. and abroad.

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