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Benefits of Meal Planning

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

What is one thing we wish we had more of? Yes -- Time! I am always looking for ways to simplify my day so I can fit in all of the things we need to and want to do. We all have busy days, but when our days begin to feel too rushed, they become less joyful and more stressful. One small change, like meal planning, can have a huge impact on simplifying your day. When we don't have to stress about our meals, we have more time and energy to get sidetracked with things that bring us joy. There are so many benefits to meal planning. Let's take a look.

Meal Planning Saves Money

One of the biggest benefits for us is it helps save money. If we have a plan for our meals, we are less likely to eat out or pick up random snacks at the grocery store. We love going out to eat when we can, and planned outings are fun, but too many unplanned stops can tip our budget into the red. According to a 2018 Forbes study, on average, it costs almost five times more to order delivery from a restaurant than it is to cook the same meal at home! That is a big difference! Once we switched to meal planning and cooking more meals at home, we saved a lot of money and it felt good to be able to shift our budget to focus on other priorities.

Meal Planning is Healthier

Another huge benefit of meal planning is that we eat healthier overall. When we take the time to plan out our week, we can be more thoughtful about the different foods we want to include for each meal. We can create balanced days full of fresh, nutritious foods from all of the food groups that help fuel our bodies and minds. Our bodies just function better on good nutrition - less pain, sharper minds, more energy, and fewer meltdowns. Who doesn't want that?

Meal Planning Helps Decrease Waste

Meal Planning Helps With Stress

One final benefit of meal planning is it helps lower your overall stress. The last thing you want to do after a long, tiring day is to make decisions about what to eat. No one likes to run to the store last minute and have to fight crowds. Having a menu and the food you need, eases your mind and allows you space to enjoy your evenings. I am also all about splitting up cooking responsibilities amongst family members. My husband cooks his specialties on certain days of the week and I really enjoy the evenings off. We also like to throw in a fancy, new recipe every once in a while and have the whole family involved in prepping. Yum!

Let's Get Planning

Need more tips? Read Meal Planning 101 -- to transform you week. Let's do this together - see you there!

Warmly, Nancy

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